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Hi! This is Afsan Habib. I am a Machine Learning Engineer & Web Application Developer. I am always ready to get new experiences, meet new people and learn new things. I find the idea of creating value for people and influencing the world through my work.I love solving problems using Machine Learning and represent Data in a meaningful way.

As a Machine Learning Engineer, I have Knowledge of the Designing, developing, and researching.... read more

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skills experience education
2018 - present

B.Sc. in computer science & Engineering

University of Creative Technology, Chittagong (UCTC)


HSC - (Science)

Fatickchari Govt. College


SSC - (Science)

Fatickchari Coronation Model High School












August, 2021 - Present

Web Application Developer


Develop strong online presence creating professional websites/Web Application.

Sep, 2018 - July, 2019


FIT, Chittagong

Joined as a Trainer.

What i do

Machine Learning

data analysis, data visualization, data modeling, Designing ML systems, Selecting appropriate data sets, data representation, Verifying data quality, Developing machine learning apps according to requirements.

Web Application

Mobile-First Interface, Social Integration, Reporting & Analytics, Web Push Notification, Security, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Search Engine Optimization, Document Management System.

SEO Marketing

Ability to customize Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URLs, and Header Tags, Mobile customization, A powerful internal search feature and proper indexation of internal search results pages.


all web application Machine Learning python
face-mask-detection view project

Face Mask Detection

Project Brief:

Install OpenCV – pip install opencv-python
Dataset- haarcascade_frontalface

Project info

python-email-bot view project

Python- Email-Bot

Project Brief:

Send emails without touching your computer. Save time, relax your fingers, and still send emails.
Necessary packages:-
SpeechRecognition- pip install SpeechRecognition
pyAudio- pip install PyAudio
pyttsx3- pip install pyttsx3

Project info

  • Date - 2021
  • Tools - Python, Anaconda, packages:- SpeechRecognition , pyAudio packages & pyttsx3
  • Source Code - Email-Bot-Source-Code
hospital-management-system view project

hospital Management System

Project Brief:

Features: Login Systems (Patients/Admin/Doctor)
Book Appointment
Manage Patients
Doctors Add Doctor Specialization.

Project info

  • Date - 2021
  • Tools - html, css, PHP
  • Code - github
portfolio view project

Landing Page

Project Brief:

Hosting site langing page.

Project info

  • Date - 2019
  • Tools - html, css
  • Source Code - github
portfolio view project

Personal Portfolio

Project Brief:

My personal portfolio website

Project info

  • Date - 2020
  • Tools - html, css, JavaScript, PHP
  • My Blogs - visit
portfolio view project


Project Brief:

E-commerce front-end design.

Project info

portfolio view project

Covid News Desktop Notify

Project Brief:

Tobe updated about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the area that you live in, I decided to show you how to get the data and display Windows 10 notification using python and some libraries.
First, we have to find a reliable website that offers the data that we need. I decided to use Worldometers for this project.
Then we have to install 3 libraries:
1. win10toast: Python library to display Windows 10 Toast Notifications. 2. bs4: Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files. 3. Requests: An elegant and simple HTTP library for Python

Project info

  • Date - 2020
  • Tools - Python, Anaconda, packages:- win10toast , bs4 & Requests
  • Source Code - source code
portfolio view project

Portfolio website

Project Brief:

Portfolio website - PHP

Project info

  • Date - 2010
  • Tools - html, css, JavaScript
  • Source Code - github

My Blogs

Afsan Habib

As a web developer, I have Knowledge of the user interface, testing, and debugging process. Bring proficiency in web system design, installation, testing,read more...

Why Learning Python Is the Best Decision

Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming .... read more...


Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming Blogs are coming .... read more...

Certifications & Licenses

Certificate of Achivement - International Collegiate Programming Contest(ICPC)

ICPC ICPC See Credential

Fundamentals of digital marketing - Google Digital Garage - Credential ID:- 93E Z8C U5Y

Google Digital Garage Google Digital Garage See Credential

Artificial Intelligence Foundations - NASSCOM - Credential ID: 24b17a94862c4798832e67552a918bd3

testimonial NASSCOM See Credential

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+880 1834740464




Bahaddarhat, Chattogram, Bangladesh

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